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The Astra Film Festival Opening Night starts with the Romanian Premiere ONCE YOU KNOW by Emmanuel Cappellin (France), a film that may forever change what you think about the future of humanity if you look at it from the climate collapse perspective.  

Post-screening debate:
The climate change models predict a climate collapse. If so, when is it going to happen? And what form is it going to take? Is the human species going to have any chance of survival? And, keep things local, what immediate climate change imapct can we expect in this country?   

Which are the main factors that affect climate change? Is circular economy a viable solution? What human activities should be changed and in what ways? And, if all measures for stopping climate change would miraculously start working tomorrow, what would be the outcome?  

Are there coherent policies in place to prevent or reduce the devastating impact of climate collapse? What can we expect from the proposed measures? Are we going to survive as a species?  

What can we do as individuals and as communities to prevent the climate collapse?  


Bogdan Antonescu is an expert in extreme meteorological phenomena, and a researcher at the National Institute of Optoelectronics;
Teodora Tompea is a journalist and a Digi TV anchor. She moderates the programme "You are the planet!", focused on climate change issues.

The debate will be followed by the concert Martyn Jacques of The Tiger Lillies: Cabinet of Dr Caligari (Cine-Concert)

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