The Astra Film Festival will take place from 20 to 27 October 2024. Afterwards, a selection from the official program will be available online.

Established in 1993, the Astra Film Festival has become one of the main platforms for documentary in Romania and Europe. AFF is looking for documentary films with a strong presence of the director's perspective, both in form and content. Cinematic qualities and honesty, the courage to approach difficult topics, originality and creativity are especially appreciated.

The deadline for applications is 15.04.2024.


Films must be part of the documentary genre.

The Astra Film Festival is made up of competitive programs and non-competitive sections.

Competitive Sections:

Emerging voices of the documentary

Feature-length documentaries (over 60 min.) completed after 01.01.2023, signed by authors working on their first, second or at most third film, are eligible.

Central & Eastern Europe

Feature-length documentaries (over 60 min.) completed after 01.01.2023, which address issues specific to the area of the ex-communist bloc, are eligible.


Documentaries completed after 01.01.2023, produced or co-produced in Romania and international productions / co-productions that address problems specific to Romania are eligible, regardless of their duration.


Documentaries completed after 01.01.2023, produced or co-produced by universities/film institutes or within postgraduate programs specializing in cinema, regardless of their duration, are eligible.

In addition to the competitive sections, the official program includes a series of curatorial selections, thematic sections and special programs.

The final decision regarding the section in which the selected films are placed belongs to the organizers. You have the possibility to accept or decline the proposal of the organizers, but please note that once you have accepted the inclusion of the film in the official program of AFF 2024, the film cannot be withdrawn.


To register, please follow the steps indicated in the registration form. The link to the form can be found at the end of this document and can be accessed after you agree to these Regulations.

The registration fee is 20 Euros for each film. The film is considered registered when the payment is registered by Astra Film.

Please carefully fill in the identification data of the organization paying the registration fee. They cannot be changed once the proof of electronic payment is generated.

Note: Only invited films will receive codes for free registration .

Registrations for the DocSchool section are free, no codes are required.

We suggest that you have the following information and materials ready, which will be requested during the application process:

- synopsis of the film;

- technical data: year, country (co-)production, duration;

- credit list;

- director's bio-filmography;

- participation & awards at festivals for the entered film;

- the movie poster (digital format);

- 2-3 photos from the film;

- photo director(s);

- link (with the possibility of downloading) to the trailer

- link (with the possibility of downloading) to a preview with English subtitles


The international juries that will decide the prizes of the competitive sections bring together respected specialists and professionals from the world of international cinema and academia. The prizes are as follows:

- Emerging Voices of Documentary Award

- The prize for the best documentary of the Central & Eastern Europe section

- The best documentary of the Romania Open section

- The best documentary of the DocSchool section

The prizes are in money and are awarded to the authors of the award-winning films.


The official selection will be published on the Festival website.

No letters or emails will be sent to non-selected films.

The authors of the selected films will be invited to participate in the festival.


Selected films will be sent in one of the following formats:

- H.264 mp4, Apple ProRes mov, DCP


The festival invites the author(s) of the films in the program or a delegate from the director/producer to participate in discussions with the public and other events related to the films in the official selection. Accommodation and meals are provided by the organizers.


For the films selected for the official program, the festival has the right:

- To use a maximum of three minutes of video from the documentary for advertising and online purposes, unless an official trailer is provided;

- To publish the trailer of the film on the YouTube channel of the Astra Film Festival;

- To publish information about the film and author(s) in its advertising materials.

By completing the entry process, you confirm that you have the right to enter the film and that you have read and agree to the Astra Film Festival Regulations.