Decided death
poster Why didn’t you stay for me?
Milou Gevers • Netherlands • 2020 • 25 min
poster Closing Words
Gaëlle Hardy, Agnès Lejeune • Belgium • 2021 • 72 min
poster Empty Handed
Moriya Ben Avot • Israel • 2022 • 68 min
We live in a world where we have inherited religious, cultural and legal customs related to death. The documentary cinema explores intimate stories of the options and choices of our peers, about the way they decide to accept or deny their or their unborn child’s life. The Decided Death program brings into our attention three movies in which the decision of a person in relation to their life becomes exposed – it is about cases of suicide, euthanasia or abortion. The hope of stopping or preventing suffering is what stays at the base of every decision in each case. The elimination of suffering by willingly ending a life remains a controversial subject in every contemporary society.