Eternal love
poster Who we will have been
Erec Brehmer • Germany • 2021 • 81 min
poster Performing Juliet
András Visky • USA • 2021 • 40 min
poster Julieta
50 min
At what depth of a relationship is the eternal love starting to solder?
In which conditions? At what temperature? How long does it take?
Is there such a thing as an eternal love or is it just a creation, a projection of the immaginative romantic delirium?
Watching the movie Who will we have been we enter the trajectory or better said the whirlwind of the relationship of a couple who seemed to be heading in that direction. And the play Julieta and the movie Performing Juliet take us into the appropriate place in order to see clearly the tries and depths in which this kind of alloy can pe soldered.