Faces of war
poster Children of the Enemy
Gorki Glaser-Müller • Denmark, Sweden, Qatar • 2021 • 97 min
poster Chris the Swiss
Anja Kofmel • Germany, Czech Republic, Finland • 2018 • 90 min
The war that started in Ukraine this year shattered the long-lasting illusion that there will be no more war in Europe. Even if the war is not waged on the territory of the European Union, the disruption it caused is more than evident economically and in mass-media, while analysts warn us that it may very well last the entire decade. To understand better what future holds in this aspect, we propose a thematic sidebar meant to expose the unseen faces of war through two haunting documentaries on what war means today and on its effects on society.

In Chris the Swiss a war correspondent gets involved in the fighting and is eventually killed by his mercenary comrades during the most recent war waged in the region, the one that caused the breakup of Yugoslavia. War, it seems, nurtures a generalized chaos where evil cannot be contained anymore and surviving is just the result of pure luck. In the documentary The Children of the Enemy we witness how the most innocent victims of war are the children. This haunting story follows the destiny of a young couple from Sweden who joins ISIS together with their children.

While we are still waiting for a conclusive documentary on the Ukrainian war, we wish to propose a lecture on Russia’s war ideology. “Nuclear Orthodoxism and the role of Orthodox Church in Putin’s occupation war” is presented by Vasile Ernu.