Sex Work Stories

The world's oldest profession - the act or practice of engaging in sexual activity for money or its equivalent - still more than any other job, arouses strong sentiments. Traditionally, it is associated with services offered by women to men, but not always: the three films in this program change the perspective by offering glimpses into the lives of those engaged in male sex work services today.

  • Blue Boy

    „What are you up to tonight? Do you want me? We could have fun together…” Seven Romanian male-to-male sex workers in Berlin have their portraits taken as they listen and react to recordings of their own experiences. By turning the process of exploitation into a spectacle, the camera becomes a client highlighting the inevitable performativity of such power relations.

    Manuel Abramovich • Argentina • 2019 • 19′

  • Jonathan Agassi Saved My Life

    Jonathan Agassi, one of the world’s most successful gay porn stars, built his fame on what is considered a global taboo, but in fact pleases millions. A rare and intimate look at the world of porn and escorting, as well as on a unique relationship between a mother and son, who courageously redefine familiar concepts. This is a film about a lonely person who seeks love and meaning, but is condemned to a destructive lifestyle, numbing his feelings with powerful drugs. Director Tomer Heymann followed Agassi for eight years – both in his temporary hometown of Berlin and back in Tel Aviv with his mother -, now being able to explore from a special vantage point the relationship between reality and wishful thinking.

    Tomer Heymann • Israel • 2018 • 106′

  • Until Porn Do Us Part

    Until Porn Do Us Part

    Eulália, a conservative 65-year-old mother, finds out that her son who emigrated to Germany became Fostter Riviera, the internationally awarded first Portuguese gayporn actor. From shock and disgust to desperately trying to understand him, Eulália embarks on an emotional
    journey that puts her values, expectations and perceptions to the test. Eulália’s quest to get closer to her son will make her face unexpected adventures.

    Jorge Pelicano • Portugal • 2018 • 75′