Where can I buy the tickets

The tickets from ASTRA FILM FESTIVAL 2022 are sold on-line, on www.astrafilm.ro  or  www.eventbook.ro

They will also be available at the AFF INFOPOINT, starting Friday, the 7th of October: Big Square and Cine Gold.

Starting Monday, the 10th, the tickets are available at all the festival pay-desks.

Schedule of pay-desks

INFO POINT Big Square : Friday, 7th of October – Sunday, 16th of October 10 AM -9 PM
INFO POINT Cine Gold:  Friday, 7th of October – Sunday, 16th of October 2 PM -9 PM

THALIA HAll:   Friday, 7th of October – Fiday, 14th of October 3 PM -9 PM

                        Saturday, Sunday 11 AM – 9 PM

Prices for tickets and passes

Full ticket – one movie* 20 lei/ Ticket for students and seniors 10 lei

Full ticket New Media Full Dome – 25 lei/ Ticket for students and seniors 20 lei

Day pass** - 35 LEI

Full pass*** - 190 LEI Full pass

The discounted tickets can be bought solely from the AFF pay-desks, with the student badge or the proof of retirement

*in this case you will have access only for a movie or a pack of short movies, with the possibility to participate to a series of special events.

**access for one day at all the projections. It doesn’t include FULL DOME and concerts.

***access at all the movies, without FULL DOME and concerts, or industry.

****access at the +18 years movies is provided only with the presenting of an ID.

Access in the theatre 

The tickets for every movie, from all halls, can be obtained in advance, online or from any AFF pay-desk. Before the beginning of the movie, the tickets are bought from each theatre’s pay-desk. The owners of FULL PASS/DAY PASS/BADGE/INVITES can book a place in advance online on eventbook.ro or at the AFF pay-desks. Booking a place is not neccesary but recommended. The booking expires 10 minutes before the beginning of the movie.

The passes, invitations and badges are NOT available for FULL DOME and concerts.

Halls, projection places and events


The State Philharmonics, Cetății Street, no. 3-5

CINE GOLD (halls 2, 3 and 4)  

Promenada Mall, Lector Street, no. 1


Big Square


Little Square, no. 11

The Mirror Hall

German Forum

The Glass Hall

The State Philharmonics Sibiu

Astra County Library

George Barițiu Street, no. 5

Central University Library

Lucian Blaga Street, no. 2A