Tickets and access Junior

Where can you contact us?

For additional information, you can contact us at the following phone numbers:
• technical assistance: 0730 826 087
• access information and screenings: 0752 081 948
• general information: 0751 166 516 and/or e-mail .

Where are the Astra Film Junior 2023 locations?

This year, students can enjoy film screenings at Cine Gold Promenada Mall (Str. Lector, no. 1-3 A, second floor) , as well as at Sala Thalia (Str. Cetăţii, no. 3-5) .

How can we buy tickets?

Directly from the website, accessing the page , respectively the "Tickets" button in the description of the chosen film.

For the immersive screenings within the Astra Film New Media program, which can be viewed in the Dome in Piaţa Mare, from Monday to Friday, between 8:30 and 15:00, access is free, based on barcodes on tickets purchased at the screenings at Sala Thalia and Cine Gold Promenada Mall.

Very important! The number of tickets purchased for the screenings at Sala Thalia and Cine Gold Promenada Mall, respectively the number of seats reserved for a class accompanied by the teacher and chaperone(s), must correspond to the same number of tickets with 0 fee at Astra Film New Media - Master!

Access to Astra Film New Media – Dome screenings is based on electronic tickets with a value of 0, which can be obtained by accessing, by entering each barcode on all the types of tickets received when purchasing the tickets purchased for the screenings at Sala Thalia and Cine Gold Promenada Mall - namely: collective ticket for students, teacher ticket, accompanying ticket(s) and, if applicable, collective ticket for social cases).

We present to you the guide for buying tickets online, in 12 simple steps:

1. Access or (here, select from the AF Junior menu, the section "Primary Cycle 6+", "Primary Cycle 11+" or "Primary Cycle 15 +").
2. Select the desired movie, day and location.
3. Go to the "Tickets" option in the section, located under the description of the films and the time slot you want to watch. From the top right menu, choose Romanian, as this is also the language in which the information on the ticket will be printed.
4. Once the Eventbook page is open, place your order!
- Fill in the "Order tickets" field the number of tickets you want to add to the order basket. These are toll tickets.
- Fill in the number of tickets you want in the fields: "teacher ticket", "accompanying ticket", "social case ticket"* (if applicable).
Important! For these, there is no fee.
*social cases: those students who have a vulnerable situation from a social point of view, demonstrated by documents in the records of the school of origin
5. Once in the "Your Order" form, register your account. Fill in your personal data here (name, surname, e-mail, phone number) and select the data that attests to your quality as a teacher (the type of education in which you work, the school, the town and the class for which you are organizing the viewing).
6. After registering your contact details, tick if you agree that these details will be used for further communications regarding the Astra Film Junior educational programs.
7. Then check the delivery method: e-ticket.
8. Choose the payment method – Credit / Debit Card.
9. Tick the boxes related to "Terms and conditions" and, optionally, the one related to the possibility of further communications from Eventbook.
10. Complete the order and make the payment.
11. You will receive the tickets in electronic format, with a barcode related to the type of ticket ordered, in your e-mail account selected during registration.
12. Please arrive at the cinema at least 15 minutes before the start of the screening and have your electronic and/or printed tickets to hand

In the event that you know teachers interested in this educational program, please pass this message on!

What is the partnership between Astra Film Junior and the Sibiu County School Inspectorate?

We remind you that Astra Film Junior is an educational project accredited by the Ministry of National Education. On the basis of an official protocol concluded with the Sibiu County School Inspectorate, the Astra Film Junior program has approval as an extracurricular media education activity, which allows participation in this educational program during class hours.

Teachers can request the certificate of participation after the festival, by sending a request to the e-mail address, in which the following details must be mentioned: e-mail, first and last name of the teacher, school, town and class which they represent, the movie(s) watched.

The certificates will be issued after 10.11.2023. Please, if possible, centralize the information for the entire school in a table.

Thank you!

You can find the official document here: ISJS collaboration agreement.pdf