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Workshop by Austrian actor Christoph Krutzler
Mimicking Each Other: Is It Facts Or Fiction?

11.09.2021, 13:00h
Changes Room, Astra Muzeum

They have always tried to prove that they have nothing in common. And yet, documentary film and fiction film share more than they would probably like. Aiming to tell stories or to present real-life situations as interesting as possible to the general public, the two genres borrow from each other a wide range of techniques.

Invited a special guest at the premiere of the documentary #newTogether (directed by Carmen Lidia Vidu and produced by the Austrian Cultural Forum Bucharest) at the Astra Film Festival, Christoph Krutzler is one of Austria's most valuable theatre and film actors. He has played in numerous films with historical topics, but also in documentary re-enactments. On 11 September at 1 p.m. (Dumbrava Sibiului Open Air Museum, Hall "Changes", Pavilion Entrance 1), Christoph Krutzler will give a workshop in English on the mutual influences of documentary and fiction film on each other - "Mimicking Each Other: Is It Facts Or Fiction?"

In a dialogue with the Astra Film Festival audience, Christoph Krutzler will discuss the fictional techniques used by the documentary in order to bring past eras to life or to present situations from the present day. But if documentaries are increasingly approaching their subjects in a more cinematic way, fiction films are also moving closer and closer to the way the documentary captures reality. This is why the documentary research carried out by actors in their character studies inspired by or reproducing living or historical personalities is goes deeper in terms of efforts and time, taking into account both the era treated but also today's audience's taste for behaviors, attitudes and themes of the present.

Christoph Krutzler is a member of the famous Volkstheater in Vienna, where he creates memorable roles acclaimed by critics and audiences alike. He was one of the main actors of Karl Kraus's “Last Days of Mankind” at the Salzburg Festival (2014, directed by Georg Schmiedleitner). For his acting in this landmark performance of this Festival, he was nominated for the Austrian Theatre's Nestroy Awards; Christoph Krutzler's contribution to the #newTogether project and documentary contains references to this work. He is known to the Romanian audiences from the TV series "Freud".

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