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Astra Film Festival

Astra Film Festival 2012


Phnom Penh Lullaby
Family Meals
He Thinks He's the Best
Here... I Mean There
Sumna's Letter
Prodigal Sons
Mama illegal
Eggs for Later
A Letter to Dad

This film selection invites the viewers to reflect on the nature of what we call family and family values today. Documentary film has the power to investigate the depths of family life and the complex relationships between family members, and every director has his or her unique approach in exploring these territories. Some authors have chosen to enter to the core of family life with their camera, focusing on issues such as life as a couple and the tensions that might appear, as well as on the experiences of children who grow up away from their parents. Other filmmakers use the camera to change the home from an intimate shelter of family life into a film set, and the family members into characters, exploring themes which are not usually approached in daily communication: gender identity, strained relationships, attempts to heal older or newer wounds. Last but not least, the observational camera makes the film narrative more sensitive, full of unexpected changes, creating complex portraits and unforeseen situations with an open ending.