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Dream to fly

Monday - Friday│ 9:00 │ 11:15 │ 13:30   < 35 min. >

Full-dome - Piaţa Mare

The animated documentary "Dream to fly" draws the viewer into an exceptional visual experience: the story of man’s ambitious dream to conquer the sky, man’s view on flying and its evolution in time, inventors and their great inventions, presented in the innovative full-dome technique.

The blind man with starry eyes

Monday - Friday │ 9:45 │ 12:00   < 23 min. >

Full-dome - Piaţa Mare

The documentary "The blind man with starry eyes" is both a wonderful story, an opportunity for the little ones to acquire their first notions of astronomy and Earth, the Sun and the stars, and an invitation to meditate on life, knowledge, and man’s relation to nature. 

The longest night: A winter's tale

Monday - Friday│ 10:30 │ 12:45   < 27 min. >

Full-dome - Piaţa Mare

The film is a fable about courage, generosity and rebirth, made in an original combination of techniques that intertwine in a unique visual experience. The documentary starts from the concept that Earth has periods of rest (winter) and periods of rebirth (spring), which rhythmically alternate.