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Astra Film Festival 2015

Housing Stories - webdocumentar

     Status: (work in progress)

     Housing Stories is a documentary series on the diversity of living experiences in Bucharest and its outskirts. Structured in seven episodes focusing on different types of spaces - apartment buildings from the socialist era, new residential complexes, ghetto areas, student housing (“outdoor” living), former nationalized houses and those from the suburbs - the project aims to document the cultural diversity of living practices from the contemporary Romanian urban space. Each episode, monthly released on http://bucharesthousingstories.ro, focuses on the variety of neighborly or routine experiences and the relationships that people of different backgrounds develop with their living space. The series is produced by VIRA Association within the project “Live Houses. The cultural diversity of living spaces in Bucharest and its outskirts” financed by SEE 2009 - 2014 Grants in the program PA17/RO 13 Promoting Diversity of Culture and Art from the European Cultural Heritage, in partnership with M.A.I.E. and M.N.T.R Associations.


Thursday 08.10.2015 13:00, Habitus