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Astra Film Festival 2016


Carefully balancing its perspectives and avoiding gratuitous exploitation of shocking imagery, “Inside Radical Islam” offers a 360° view on the causes, inner mechanisms and aftermath of religious extremism, taking as case study Islamism.

With “Among the Believers” we dive head-first into the snowballing effect of poverty and violence breeding poverty and violence, while “The Empty Room” brings to light those neglected in the discussion on terrorism, the families of those leaving Europe to wage jihad. However, there is hope to be found, and it lies in education. “Sonita” is the improbable success story of an 18 Afghan refugee going against rigid customs of forced-marriage, finding her way as a student and aspiring rapper in the US.

The impact of the programme is twofold: it raises awareness of fundamental issues, and supports education as a means to fight violence and not reiterate it. Most importantly, however, it shows us that radicalization is not the product of primitivism, but of a power void. While we are now witnesses, let us remember that we are not far along from our roles in history as purveyors and participants. The main quality of the programme lies in its insistence on not issuing verdicts on a way of life different from our own, while showing a genuine desire to comprehend. (Diana Mereoiu)

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