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Astra Film Festival 2012

Laurenţiu Damian

Laurenţiu DamianDirector, screenwriter and film theoretician, Laurenţiu Damian has a Magna cum Laude Ph.D. in cinematography and media. He is currently a professor at the I.L. Caragiale National University of Film and Drama in Bucharest and President of the Senate of the same institution. Since 1998, he has been the director of the Video Publishing House within the Ministry of Culture. His professional activity covers diverse media and educational projects. He is the scriptwriter and the director of fiction and long feature films, author of numerous documentary films, articles, editorials, and cinema studies.



Within a Tempest. The Island (2012);
Corpus (2011);
About Iulian Mihu, as he was, about us and what we are like (2009);
Faust. The Path of the Moment (2009);
The Geometry of the Illusion (2004);
Constantin Brâncuşi. The Column or a Lesson on the Infinite (2001);
Onisim Colta. Game, Illusion, Transparency and Seliverance (2006);
Self Portrait on an Autumn Leaf. Ion Ţuculescu (1999);
Within a Tempest. The IslandSo Much Silence Around (1999, co-director Anca Damian);
Auction with Souls (1997);
Roads with Angels (1996, co-director Anca Damian);
Transylvanian Poems (1995, co-director Anca Damian);
Dictatorship Art and Art Dictatorship (1994);
Eminescu, Labour for Words (1993, co-director Anca Damian);
Was God Sighing like Humans? (1991);
The Song of Olt While It’s Wandering the World (1989);
Bench Mark Zero (1987);
Maria Tanase’s Letter (1986);
Where I’ve Been and Wandered (1983).

Feature Films:

The Staying (1991);
Road of Dogs (1992).