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Astra Film Festival

Astra Film Festival 2009

Focus. Made In Romania

Whether the author is a foreigner filming in Romania, or a Romanian filming elsewhere, or both filmmaker and subject are local, the productions in this focus-section are Made in Romania. The documentaries included in the programme reveal views on Romanian realities from the outside and from within.

About Iulian Mihu, As He Was - About Us, The Waz We Are, Laurenţiu Damian, Romania

Adela & Agnetha, Geo Scripcariu, Romania

Australia, Claudiu Mitcu, Romania

Carmen Meets Borat, Mercedes Stalenhoef, The Netherlands

Copsa Mica, Dudu's Dark Town, Remco Van Der Kruk & Wilco Leene, The Netherlands

A Fancy House, Martin Nudow & Thomas Beckmann, Germany

Faust-The Path Of The Moments, Laurenţiu Damian, Romania

Humoresca, Diana Deleanu, Romania

In January,  Perhaps, Diogo Costa Amarante, Portugalia

The Last Mission, Adelin Petrişor, Romania

THe Power of Suspecting - Eginald Schlattner And The Securitate-Trauma,

Walter Wehmeyer, Austria

Romanian Voices - Sicily - Romania Round Trip,

Enrico Montalbano, Ilaria Sposito, Angela Giardina, Italy

Weddings, Music And Video Tapes ,  Tudor Giurgiu, Romania