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Astra Film Festival 2009

Mala Sangre: Live Music - Spain

In 1996, two sisters from Andalusia, Marta and Maria, left Sevilla to discover the life of Amsterdam. There, they met Maria Romero and the three of them made up a dance group they called Mala Sangre. During the following years, the trio performed around Europe, bringing their art to the most important street festivals. After a while, the sisters decided to reinvent the group. Their younger sister Pilar, a bajo player, joined in, as well as two actresses, Pilar Crespo (their cousin), and Nerea, who brought liveliness to the group’s music and dance. The new group took the name Malasangre 5, five women who enchant  the audience with the gracefulness, energy, and beauty of their performance. They bring on every stage they go the sound of their native Andalusia, and their performance thrills the audience to the point that each show becomes a real fiesta. Their very first participation in a festival (Ludwigsburg, 2005) brought them an award. After that, they played all around the world, bringing their happiness and energy to the best venues, "Watch This Space" (London), International "Expo Zaragoza 2008" (Spain), "Feria de Andalucia" (Dominican Republic), Ferrara Buskers Festival" (Italy), and many others.

Location: Casa de Cultura / Emil Cioran Street,  No. 1-3

Dates: 29/10/09, 20h30