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Astra Film Festival 2016


Countering the limitations of empathy and going against gross simplification, “No Place Like Displace” presents a kaleidoscopic view of the imperceptible ways in which lives are forever altered in a continuous cycle of people caught in-between worlds.

With “Those” we explore how quick we are to judge and reject those different from ourselves, while “In Between” debunks most of the stereotypes associated to “Others”. While the first short uses smartly balanced humour to investigate the absurd mechanics of paranoia, the second takes an intimate approach to examining the limits of emotional resilience in the case of those who voluntarily leave their homes in order to help those forced into leaving.

Sometimes it’s not even war, but the judicial system that inflicts displacement. “Trapped By Law” tells us that 30 years are not enough for war refugees to find the way to normal life. Although you might feel you belong to a place, convoluted concepts of nationality come in the way of ever being fully accepted. History never forgets.

Nor does it change. “Abdul & Hamza” demonstrates that what we are in fact witnessing is a never-ending cycle. When we think the roaming has ended, we realize we have been fooled. It never stops. Once you’ve left home, it's unlikely you will ever find it again. (Diana Mereoiu)