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On the clash of civilizations - Dybbuk

For the inhabitants of a small city at the heart of Ukraine, the thousands of Jews singing and praying together, invoking the spirits of the dead and bouncing up and down with joy, just like they used to do back home, is not only shocking, but it also draws out a stormy past.  

The film Dybbuk. A tale of wandering soul (directed by Krzysztof Kopczynski), which will be screened on Thursday, February 23rd, at 7 PM, at Astra Film Cinema, follows the annual pilgrimage of the Jews in Uman, which always creates tension between the two peoples. A huge cross with Jesus being crucified, mounted just in the place of the pilgrimage puts through the test both the locals, and the Jews.

The discord between the Ukrainians and the Jews in Uman dates back for centuries, the main reason being the standard of living. The Jews were the ones who owned land, so that throughout history, the Cossacks have repeatedly turned against them. More than 55.000 Jews were killed for an independent Ukraine! Those who committed these mass crimes have become national heroes, and their memory is honored through the monuments erected in the city and the history books, in which they are presented as brave men who had loved their country and fought for it. “This is the primitive Ukraine” for the Jews, and they only take comfort in the fact that civilized countries in the West admit the monstrous dimension of these crimes.

The clashes between the two groups also continue at present, and the reciprocal intolerance threatens to destroy the city. The Jews claim they bring money to the community in Uman, while the locals accuse the authorities of being bribed and favoring a trade which puts the Ukrainians at disadvantage.

One ticket is 6 lei. Tickets are available 30 minutes before the screening at Astra Film Cinema (Piața Mică 11, Sibiu). For further information, call: 0751.166.516

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