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Astra Film Festival

Astra Film Festival 2000

Photography Exhibition. Three Cultures

Photography and Anthropology

Observation through still photography is a basic element in collecting and organising material in an anthropological research. The photographic images in this exhibition are part of the collection of photographs taken by Dumitru Budrala during his field research. The photographs in this selection reflect some aspects of his research on the shepherd communities and the ethnical groups in South Transylvania and were taken during the past three years. In the display, they are grouped on three themes: Towers, Shepherds and Roma. In some of the photographs, the prevailing element is the aesthetic one, in others it is the symbol or the convention. These attributes as well as the different approaches correspond to the perception and understanding of the researched subjects. Beyond presentation and representation, the images reveal the personal interpretation of the author and reflect not only the sensitivity of the visual artist, but also the perspective of the researcher over the “authentic” in his attempt to capture reality.

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