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Astra Film Festival

Astra Film Festival 2009

Photography Exhibition. Romania In The Early 20th century

Romania In The Early 20th century
Documented by Iosif Berman and Emil Fischer

Iosif Berman (1892-1941) and Emil Fischer (1873-1985) lived part of their
lives in the same period, but their destinies never met. However, they shared a creed: “I take photographs, therefore I exist”. Fischer photographed cities, streets, markets, sheepfolds, landscapes, and the human spectacle. The themes of Berman’s photographs are of unbelievable diversity. His work is scattered in the numberless newspapers and magazines he worked for, in photo albums of the Royal family, or in the archive of the sociological expeditions led by Dimitrie Gusti. Astra Film Festival 2009 displays some items from the huge archives of these two photographers. Berman and Fischer have taken photographs, therefore they exist.

Organised by The Astra Museum Sibiu, The National Museum Brukenthal Sibiu and The Romanian Peasant Museum Bucharest, and coordinated by dr. Dumitru Budrala (Astra Film) and dr. Ioana Popescu (Romanian Peasant Museum)

Opening 27.10.09 19h00 / Festival foyer

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