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Astra Film Festival

Astra Film Festival 2004

Photography Exhibition. Post Socialist Capitalism in Russia

Transition in Russia seems to be a dramatic process more than in any of the other countries in the former Soviet block, as it occurs on a seventy-six years old background of communism. The aim of the photo exhibition as part of this special program has been to highlight the changes generated by the import of western capitalist ideas and mentalities in the aesthetics of the public space and in the lives of the people, as seen by photojournalists and documentary photographers. The exhibition displays sixty photographs by nine authors, and presents a diversity of themes, styles and visual approaches, in a selection from the work of some of St. Petersburg's most talented photographers: Alexander Kitaev, Alexander Belenky, Sergey Sveshnikov, Solmaz Guseynova, Anna Fedotova, Alexander Astafiev, Alexey Tihonov, Timur Bagov and Svetlana Uferova.

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