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Pierre from Belgium

Pierre from Belgium. Time for Fun! 13’

Stéphane Kazadi

Pierre is eight years old. Holidays are coming soon and he will have time for all sorts of activities. Pierre likes school as well because he is participating in a comics class. But this week he has other things to do! He plays in the garden with his friend Thomas, visits a prehistoric site and learns about how primitive people lived, he sees sharks at the Liège aquarium, and does experiments at the Science Museum. His parents have prepared him a surprise: a visits to the Comics Museum. In Belgium, comic art is very appreciated and Pierre is glad to learn more about it. At school, during his comics class, Pierre decided to draw the story of a journey. Much like Tintin, one of his favorite comic book characters, Pierre starts on a journey of worlds and images, getting ready to give life to characters who will have exciting adventures!