Arhivă 2021


Pitch the Doc Award, offered by Pitch the Doc

ON TERM | Mihai Nichiforeac, Moldova

Pitch the Doc Award, is a prize given to boost the progress of the credited project, providing it with dedicated consultations and support in building the international recognition and visibility.

Consultations will be held by an expert associated with Pitch the Doc and will be provided to the project "ON TERM" for the promising nature and the attitude of its author.

Docs in Progress Award, offered by CineLab

HATCHERY | Máté Fuchs, Hungary

A portrait made with great sensitivity about a woman who tries to find independency and freedom in an intolerant and discriminative society. The Filmmaker convinced us about his great motivation and sincerity and we want to encourage him to finish the film. A film that we hope will make an important contribution to society.

We attribute the Award for the best pitch of the Astra Film Lab 2021 for a work-in-progress to "Hatchery" by Máté Fuchs.

Docs in Development Award, offered by HBO

NAVA MAMA | Ana Vijdea, Romania

The filmmaker demonstrated a great determination in developing and telling this story, and we could see that the concept of the project has been refined over the course of the Lab. While the approach is to tell a personal story, the subject is one that is relevant for this whole region, and one that is not usually addressed in documentary films.

Therefore, for a project with a clear focus and well-articulated vision, dealing with a hard and tough subject in a lyrical and innovative fashion, the Astra Film Lab Docs in Development award goes to Nava Mama