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Astra Film Festival 2009

Turkey, the unknown neighbour

In Romania, kids learn about the battles fought - and won - by the Romanians against the Turks. Turkish kids obviously use different history schoolbooks, and it is most likely that they know little about Romania, if anything at all. So, let us forget everything we thought we knew about Turkey, about its culture and its people. Astra Film Festival 2009 presents an attractive selection of five documentaries, each of them approaching, in its own style, a country so close to Romania’s history and geography. The live Turkish music will enrich the special program dedicated to Turkey, in an attempt to discover the yet unknown neighbouring country.

Adakale Stories, Ismet Arasan, Turkey, 2008, 54 min.

Alethea, Petra Holzer and Ethem Özgüven, Turkey, 2007, 41 min.

Bastion Of Sin, Thomas Lauterbach, Germany, 2008, 79 min.

The Shore, Rüya Arzu Köksal, Turkey, 2008, 56 min.

Sisters Of Lilith, Emel Celebi, Turkey, 2008, 41 min.


Casa de Cultura / Hall A & Hall B
Emil Cioran Street, no.1-3

GÖNÜLDEN GÖNÜLE - 27.10 / to be announced
Hall A / Sala A

Adakale Stories - 27.10 / 21h30
Alethea - 27.10 / 20h00

Hall B / Sala B

Bastion of Sin - 27.10 / 22h00
The Shore - 27.10 / 15h45
Sisters of Lilith - 27.10 / 21h00



The group GÖNÜLDEN GÖNÜLE (FROM HEART TO HEART) is part of a bigger musical assembly which has been dealing with turkish music, both folk music and old music - so called otoman court music. All of the members are professionals and most of them are lecturers or instrument teachers in musical high schools. The little group of 5 members has played in many foreign and domestic programs for about four years but its special performance is when they accompanied folk dance groups in many occasions, shows, festivals. The group has created an album containing folk songs from North-East Turkey. Its name is SEVGILIYE (TO THE SWEETHEART) and it is performed under the artistic management of KAZIM GÜRKAN who is also Tar and Saz player and the vocal solist of the group.


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