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Workshop: My First DocFilm

Applications are open for MY FIRST DOCFILM, the Documentary Workshop for high school students!

 The workshop will take place in Sibiu, between 1-10 June, 2017!

IF... you are a high school student (aged 14-19), a film enthusiast and curious to know about how to make a film and experience what it’s like to be behind the camera;

IF...  you want to see what the city looks like through the eye of the camera and how its inhabitants are turned into film characters;

YOU GET THE CHANCE...  to find out about it and many other things, because you’re a student at one of the high schools in Sibiu, which makes you eligible for “My First DocFilm” Workshop.

You can quickly learn:
- how to take photographs and shoot by the rules of professionals;
- how to edit sound and images;
as well as many other things which need to be done in order to express ideas, events and experiences through film.
Because the film has its own language, the workshop is an opportunity to learn about its rules and secrets.

During the workshop, participants will literally go through all stages of production and they will make their own film! The films will be screened at the Sibiu International Film Festival, ASTRA FILM FESTIVAL.

If you’ve ever considered you belong to the world of cinema, this is the time to see your name in the credit titles of your own film!

The application form is found here

The format of the workshop limits the number of participants to 12. The finalists will be selected after the application closing date.
We hope you’ll be one of them.

Good luck!

The deadline for applications is the 1st of June 2017

Watch here what participants of previous editions have to say:

Organized by Astra Film in collaboration with the Vira Association,  the workshop “My First DocFilm” consists of a series of practical courses dedicated to acquiring abilities in the field of on-site research, social documentation, as well as the visual arts (techniques and methods for shooting, editing and taking photographs), and rests on a model of non-formal education which the Vira Association has developed over the last three years and which entails the active engagement of young people in the issues of the community.